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Basic Information
Name: Adrianna
Origin: ████
Age: ██
Personality: Withdrawn
Profession: Unknown
Current Status: Alive

Physical Appearance
Adrianna is a female non-synth with messy hair and fair complexion along with one brown eye. She can usually be seen sporting a black coat, with glowing red graphics emblazed on the arms and back, a grey shirt and what seems to be a bodysuit and boots.

She also seems to be equipped with an Optical WetWare, but it is unknown whether or not she has other known Augments/Replacements, but it is likely she has Augments, though it's likely just a rumor for now.

She is also seen with a pistol holdstered on her right hip with an unknown caliber. Any other weapon is yet to be found out.

Current Information
There isn't a lot of information that can be found within the database, not even her last name is known. This suggests that she might be a foreigner that entered the city in either in some unofficial capacity, or it was written off the books.

Unconfirmed rumors suggest that she might be from the Great Kingdom of Britannia (Or GKOB) judging by her accent. Whether or not she's either a refugee or a GKOB Operative cannot be confirmed at the current time.

Further observation will have to be conducted as there isn't anything known about her.

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