Bai Wuya

The Blinds solace.
Fire crackles from a shoddily made fire place with a rusty helmet burned by the heat that it engulfs. Its contents inside a single pea pod and water seemingly salted to make a poor man's soup boiling and sizzling. It is later pulled out of there with a wet wooden cane dripping on the fire as it sizzles. The wielder of the cane later picks up the rusted helmet not using perception but with his senses. He later blows on the soup and takes a warm sip of it later putting it aside near the rain to cool. As he sits there contemplating to himself what he was as he tries to scratch his itching eye with his burned hand later to be blocked by his blindfold. He contemplated why was he blind in the first place why has his life come to this, as he tries to riddle with himself with these questions he begins to think. Maybe he was once a fire a spirited individual with a boastful attitude able to rally friends to his cause of the flames of Passion, yet it is unbelievable to him. He then contemplated that perhaps like the rusty helmet he was once a man of higher stature forged by the needs of society able to protect the people dying for a cause only to be forgotten, yet it is unbelievable to him. He then reaches a final theory perhaps he was the pea pod grown from once a healthy tree only to once leave and set out to find a new life for itself but to only be found by the cruel reality of life only to stay in a wet damp and boiling pot to be consumed by others, and yet still it is unbelievable to him. He finally reached a conclusion that he is a blind pauper trying to get through life with his cane in a damp cave with a small fire place and to enjoy his soup, but perhaps he would come to accept his past someday.

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