CART037 log1.txt


New member
The Tribe-

The Tribe of entities that have taken me in are curious specimens.
Though communication is lacking at this moment of the creation of this log, some conclusions can be stated.
Though Nomadic at times, they do have a hierarchy that they follow.
With the oldest of the Scitillants being the leader of the tribe as they have the most experience.
The tribe is usually quiet at times, communication only brought up during tasks or tribe meetings, so the days are usually uneventful or quiet.
They have no need for food or sustenance..though there are times when you can find them motionless seemingly facing the sun...I do not see any changes in their appearance or demeanor during this activity.
I conclude it's just for their wellbeing...a form of worship in their minds...I hypothesis that if they did not have contact with the sun for an extended amount of time that it will affect their behavior and lead to a change in their actions and personalities.

Though the tribe requires no substance to survive, they do partake in hunts. Moreso as training for the new members of the tribe on how to defend themselves from wildlife.
Some are made of various materials such as some are composed of vegetation or bones and thus are attacked by desperate wildlife. So it is logical to teach themselves how to defend and protect the tribe and themselves.
There also have been some cases of hostile entities attacking the camps....though their reasons are..confusing to me.
Why attack a fellow member of the same race..for no substance? They do not starve, they do not eat. It can't just be for trade or need..personal items are not that important, as most items are shared among the tribe.

The tribe treat me satisfactory, and as a member of their tribe. Yet I can see in my optics when they look at me curious about me as I am about them. Why are we so similar but different? Why was Illumination...not mine to grasp? I still am grasping their language I estimate a week or two weeks till I can respond with the basics.

Keep us running!

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