Chapter 1: The Landing


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The Landing

Talks among the various Kingdoms, and Nation-state's of earth have resounded across the taverns, inns, homesteads, and courtyards of a large variety of people, cultures and places.

The great explorer Yantir, has vanished, after his latest voyage. Responsible for the discovery of entirely new, now settled nations, races, breeds of creatures, and entirely new magical energies has rendered him revered in the eyes of nearly every established culture, race, and kingdom, as they exist today.

With his discovery of 'The Hiram Blessings,' an ancient, no-longer practiced series of 10 beatitudes, and his successful grafting of the energy of the blessings with himself, it has been known, far and wide, across the planet, that Yantir is seemingly immortal - with his discovery and completion of the blessings occurring 50 years ago, at the age of 92, and his current age therefore, being 142 years of age. 141, being the age since his last trip to the Island of Juria - final communications being within 'Yantir's Final Letters,' an incomplete series of letters within a large document, which Yantir has assembled, as the closing portion of his journey as an explorer, and The Island of Juria being his latest discovery.

Yantir's disappearance since his last and final trip the Juria is known across the planet. Entire bounties have been offered to those who are able to locate them - with a combined sum vast enough to render the receiver easily one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet.

The only known established civilization on the island, is that of The Konisian Kingdom, a brutal, and feared dictatorship, that focuses entirely on racial eugenics, for the express purpose of establishing their royal race, and continue forward in their operations to dominate newly founded lands.

Many explorers of all types have taken up the call to recover the explorer Yantir - with massive search parties assembling onto airships and boats, to visit THe Island of Juria.

The 'base camp,' as it is known, is a place entitled "The Landing." A portion of the Arizadorian Desert, that lies at the head of a large river, with an established town.

The goal of this operation? To lodge the first of many diverse cultures to come together, and begin to track down Yantir's whereabouts, whilst surviving the dangerous and lawless landscape of Arizadoria, a desert nation of almost complete wilderness, situated next to The Konisian Kingdom.

A great deal of various individuals from many different places, and races, have come together, to make their trek to The Landing, and assist in the search, and continued exploration of The Island of Juria.

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