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Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story):
Ekaterina is a paladin, following the footsteps of an exalted Mother Marilyn, to protect the innocent, to heal the ill, to slay the tyrant lords, who waste the Gods' subjects on a whim for their petty desires. Not much is known about her early youth, nor would it make any difference for the present to know the past, as if it could change the future at this moment, all that matters is the church, the church has been her life, instilling an education, a refinement and a sense of faith for the divine which she will take with her to the grave. Instead of taking reactive measures, like most of her sisters, Ekaterina took a proactive stance, as one would say "the best medicine is prevention".

What do you want for your character:
A holy book (or something of a holy symbol, simply integral for paladins), very basic plate armor pieces (not a full suit), a shield, a longsword, maybe some vials with holy water.

Why should you get what you want:
A paladin is both the ailment soothing palm and the mailed fist with which to crush, the shield and the sword are as iconic to the paladin as is the paladin's faith, the holy book (symbol, tome, etc...) is the centerpiece of the faith, the manifesto of the beliefs as well as the paladin's primary moral compass and guide for dealing with the unholy. The plate armor pieces are not only a signifier of the role of the paladin but also light protection against attacks, should the shield fail. Finally, holy water is necessary for many things, not just dealing with impurities infesting the world, from final rites, holy ceremonies, anointments to blessings, cleansing of wounds, and so on.

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