Chromeage: Your Body and You!

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What is Chromeage?

Simply put, Chromeage is an established, scientific term, developed by the CCHC, in order to describe the amount of stress that your augmentations put on your body and mind.
With the increase in daily use of CyberWare and ChipWare, and it's contributions to our daily lives - it's important to understand the limitations of one's body.
Every piece of ChipWare that you have installed, takes some form of mental toll, and stresses your brain, so that it may further help regulate your ability to support your augmentations.
This is why as a form of consumer safety, we've attached a Chromeage Number to all ChipWare, much like you'd find carbohydrates, or saturated fats, on the nutritional data of the food you eat.

How does it work?

Terminal, readily available throughout the Sprawls, are kept stocked with AugMeds - short for augmentation medications.
Depending on the amount of ChipWare you have - this determines what amount of NeuroPrep that you take.
It works like so.

Every 25 Chromeage points you currently have = 1 daily dose of NeuroPrep.

For example:

If you have 56 Chromeage Points, you take 2 daily doses of NeuroPrep.
If you have 27 Chromeage Points, you take 1 daily dose of NeuroPrep.

What if I have less than 25?

If you have less than 25 Chromeage Points, it is recommended that you take 1 dose of NeuroPrep for however many days it takes your Chromeage Points to total up to 25, or over, but below 50.

For example:

If you have 11 Chromeage points, 11 * 3 = 33, which is above 25, but less than 50.

So, you would take one dose of NeuroPrep, every 3 days.

What about my physical CyberWare augmentations?

The CCHC currently recommends that you take one daily dose of TeknoPrep, per 3 CyberWare augmentations, not including implants.

For Example:

If you have 4 CyberWare augmentations, you take 1 daily dose of TeknoPrep

If you have 6 CyberWare augmentations, you take 2 daily doses of Teknoprep.

However, if you have less than 3 CyberWare augments, you take 0 daily doses of TeknoPrep.

Where do I get these AugMeds?

AugMeds are currently available throughout the Sprawl - usually kept in terminals.
You may also naturally have a prescription that comes with your PMRS tier.
You can also have them issued to you, at your local PMRS clinic.

What if I don't take them?

The CCHC recommends against missing numerous AugMed doses - as you may be susceptible to Seizures, CyberSchizophrenia, CyberPsychosis, and numerous other mental illnesses. You also may be subject to PhysReject - a condition in which your body begins to attempt to scab over your augmentations, or re-grow around your CyberWare - and that's a nasty thing to have happen.

Are there any side effects?

The CCHC, after many long tests, have found that there is roughtly a 5% chance that you may suffer from MedReject when dosing Neuro or TeknoPrep. If this occurs - you will immediately know. You should seek immediate medical attention, from a local PMRS clinic, or Trauma Team agent. You can notify medical personnel, by using the /pmrs function, on your phone.


There are many Knock-Offs, and BootLeg brands of AugMeds. While these may be cheaper - they have been found to have a DRASTICALLY higher MedReject rate. The CCHC recommends against using anything EXCEPT for the CCHC-Approved NeuroPrep and TeknoPrep.​
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