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Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:58198022

Discord Name: Cossack#3543

Character Name: Elmira Bogdanov

Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story):
Elmira Bogdanov was part of a Cuman tribe that had settled in the Steppes, fleeing from the incoming Mongol invasion, the tribe setting up a temporary alliance with Crimean Tatars to defend themselves, gaining support from the locals. However, the Mongols were simply too strong, wiping out the Cuman tribe almost completely whereas the locals and Tatars managed to re-collect themselves, the last remaining survivors making their way further West and settling in Onoth.

What do you want for your character:
Two curved sabers. (Free company sword pac3’d)
Leather/chainmail mix armor, meant more for mobility than complete protection.
Cuman bow. (Crossbow with PAC3.)
Horse with no armour. (Can PAC3)
Three throwing knives.
Any sort of journal item and food for three days.

Why should you get what you want:
I can’t give a precise reason other than I can roleplay decently, me and a friend are going to be doing this together and are intending to do stuff with or for the local population in hopes of earning a stay, doing mercenary business.

Keep us running!

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