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Character Name:
Maettar Berriskann.

Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story):
For the most part, Maettar's life has been relatively uneventful. He was born into a modest family with two other siblings, and spent most of his adolescence learning how to hunt animals, chop trees, and sow crops. Once he had become a young adult, not only did those previous years of hard work resulted in him having a remarkable physique, but it also meant that he was now prepared to explore the mysterious world beyond his home's forests. With a filled rucksack in-hand, he bid his family farewell before wandering off into the unknown, in search of both labor and luxuries alike.


What do you want for your character:
'Survivalist' - Perk
"Years of living off the land has tempered the mind and body alike, allowing one to outpace the average commoner in trials of both strength and endurance."
Starts with expert-level knowledge in the fields of logging, hunting, and farming.

Felling Axe - Common Rarity Item
"The backbone of lumberjacks across the lands, used to chop trees and timber alike."
Two-handed weapon that weighs five pounds. Comes with a leather sling and scabbard.

Hunting Knife - Common Rarity Item
"Bridges the gap between a dagger and a shortsword. Excellent for hunting medium-to-large game."
One-handed weapon that weighs one pound. Comes with a leather sheath.

Dented Armet Helmet - Common Rarity Item
"A familial relic that's seen far better days. Still remarkably protective."
Protective armor piece that covers the entire head. Inferior to regular plate helmets, but superior to regular chainmail hoods.

Clothes - Common Rarity Item
"Modesty is a virtue."
Roughspun apparel that covers most of the body. Includes a tunic, shirt, pants, belt, undergarments and footwear.


Why should you get what you want:
Besides being fairly competent when it comes to roleplay, I feel like it'd be more interesting to play a 'self-made man' rather than some noble with a cushy job and fancy-pants equipment. Well, that and it'd be pretty cool to hunt animals and chop down trees. If anything looks out of line, too overpowered to the point of necessitating a nerf, or anything else, then feel free to let me know.
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* Edited in some clarification to the bottom disclaimer, and added both a 'tunic' and 'belt' to the clothes item.
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Ah, gotcha. I'll nix that then - thanks for the heads up!
* Removed the stat bonus from the 'Survivalist' perk.
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