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Character Name: Grargakk Muck

Gnolls; One of the many sub-species of race commonly known as Tierfolk, although, it may be one of the most recognizable and famous of all the obscure breeds of this descend. Known from their worship of demons and study of the dark arts, they’re frequently mistrusted by the common folk. Hunters, zealots and fierce warriors hailing from the Southern deserts of Tovell; Many famous warlords originate from this kin of hyena-esque creatures… Yet, this one isn’t worth such a glorious title. Not yet, at least.

Grargakk used to be a member of a primitive matriarchal tribe, that was bent on achieving their rank via brutality and mindless atrocities against other clans, no matter if they were hostile or not. During one of the so-called ‘raids’, Grargakk was gravely wounded by an enemy clansman – And instead of charging forth towards his death, he deserted the battlefield to save his own tail. At the end of the day, he was exiled from his House, chased by his own brethren off into the world. He’s wandered the vast landmasses for many moons; He’s sailed the seas with a group of corsairs, and in some point, he’s wandered to the gates of Spruceton, where he currently resides.

What do you want for your character:
-A small sum of gold
-Kitbashed armor made from scavenged pieces of random attires
-Steel-made halberd
-Few additional points into str/con, negative points into char/mag/dex

Do you have any specific plans for this character/the things you're applying for?: Not really, actually.
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