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Kregor Sholb

Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story):

Kregor was born in a merchant family. That is the life he has always known, how to make a profit and limit losses. Unlike his parents however, he decided once he took over the Sholb business that the easiest way to make money was to participate on quests and obtain loot, instead of paying people to go for him.

Indeed, Kregor had something even his very successful father did not have: an immense, unquenchable greed. He was also naturally big and strong, not the type of body you'd expect from a merchant. He learned to capitalize on his appearance by haggling with sheer intimidation. When going out on quests, he used nothing but armor, and a comically small shield. He figured that if he wanted to limit losses, he'd put in the bare minimum equipment-wise to keep himself alive and complete his jobs.

Will that work for long? Only time will tell. Will this fat man make sure he gets filthy rich before he bites it? He sure will.

What do you want for your character:

Kregor has pretty decent armor, but at the cost of not having much else. He'll use a buckler or another type of small shield to defend and attack, combined with his mailed fist. I'm not sure how equipment will work but if it's mostly logic-based, I'm all for it.

As a merchant character, I'd like to get starting money if possible, as well as a place to set up shop and a way to make wares. It can be just a flag to spawn shipments, a way to build my own weapons/armors/potions/stuff or an admin that shows up to give me stuff to sell every once in a while. Money would be cool too. Help me live the greed life and I'll give you exclusive rights to ERP with the sweaty bald man at an impressive discount.

Why should you get what you want:

Because he's fat. Fat men always get what they want in fantasy, that's a well known fact.

Also, I like playing interesting characters and I feel like some merchant in a big armor punching things out of fear of damaging his merchandise is a pretty entertaining idea. I'm known for playing pretty unique concept characters and I also happen to be a greedy fuck so this can only go perfectly well. I'm of course very willing to work with the admin team concerning the economy because I love profit and good RP, and this is a perfect recipe for both. Help realize my dream of buying an ebony elf slave harem. Vote Kregor today, and get your free kebab.

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