Ivory Partnaite

Ivory Partnaite

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Ivory Partnaite

"The Entity"


Status Sheet

Height: 6'5

Weight: 576LBS

Race: Unknown

Build: Ectomorph

Eye Color: Glowing White

Hair Color: None

Physical Status: Athletic

Mental Status: IQ 68 and Sane


Character Traits & Skills

Copper Body: HP=750 | -%25 Jump/Crawl/Walk Speed | Unable to heal with standard medical equipment
Conductor of Electricity: Water Damage (5Dmg{Second}) | -%50 Swim Speed | +%50 DMG Aquatic Attacks
Conductor of Electricity: Ability to pass electricity threw conducting metals if electrified.
Light Eyes: Access to HL2 Flashlight
Attributes/Skills: ACC 1 CHA 4 CON 7 DEX 2 MAG 1 STR 7
Roll Bonus: Accuracy Act (-45) Charismatic Act (-20) Constitutional Act (+30) Dexterity Act (-25) Magical Act (-45) Strength Act (+30)
Soulless: Immune to soul based things, such as Spiritmancy, Ghosts, Etc.



Humanoids/Townsfolk: Unfriendly
Animals/Beasts: Alarming


[There was once a humanoid entity made from copper, it appeared by unknown means from a mineshaft. When it appeared a large radiant light was glowing from the entrance, while the miners unloading bags of copper, iron and coal. The miners noticed the light, they quickly rushed and about two minutes of rushing to the point they found a sentient copper being sitting legs crossed against a wall not moving or talking. They interacted with the strange entity in confusion, disbelief and anxiousness. A few minutes in they noticed it was harmless and taught it how to do simple things such as moving, walking and making noises with it's mouth hole. Nothing was told to anyone outside of the mine as it was far from civilization on foot and didn't think to get any sort of guards. After a month it learned English, it learned how to do basic tasks such as mining, walking, running and reading. One incident occurred within the mine and it slipped into a large puddle of water dripping from the roof of the cave, it began to shock and attempted to get out as fast as possible.


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