Kilby Bennet

Kilby Bennet

"Everything that happens behind the walls is no skin off of my back. Let those animals slaughter each other."


Status Sheet

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 212 Pounds

Race: Human

Build: Muscular

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Physical Status: Alive and kicking

Mental Status: Sane


Character Traits & Skills

Bear Wrestling Champion: Not many can call themselves a Bear wrestler. A sport practiced in the Snowiest parts of Onoth, A bear wrestler is a risky, but rewarding Career.
Grizzled: Definitely past his youth, Kilby's once brown hair is now streak with grey.
Experienced Combatant: No stranger to the thrill of battle, Kilby has spent the better part of his life as an adventurer, then a Guardsman.



Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family


Citizens of Spruceton
Not the most... intimidating of men, but definitely good people. Make's my life easier not to deal with rowdy peasants.

A friend from my life before. Now he runs the local adventurers guild. We're close, but not as before. Who knows, maybe with time it can be restored?
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