Kregor Sholb, The Merchant


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Kregor Wallick Sholb

"Every product has its own story... and a good story makes for a higher profit. Mine will be the best there is."


Kregor unhappy with the tax collector's visit



Status Sheet

Height: Tall

Weight: Plenty

Race: High Tier Human

Build: Unhealthy

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Physical Status: Large

Mental Status: Crazy... for gold


Character Traits & Skills

The Merchant: Kregor's bloodline has a lot of history, and the Sholb family has had a foothold in town as the main providers for decades. However, Kregor always was noticeably different from his parents and grand-parents. His ambition, his education, his raw, unrestrained talent for growth - both physically and economically - ... He is well believed to be the start of a new era in the kingdom's economy, and some believe his ambitions just might come to fruition soon enough.

Noble Connections: The Sholb family, despite not being a noble house but a common merchant line, is very influential. Kregor was able to use, and grow his networking and reached a level where he could realistically call in favors from the nobility, even as a commoner. Such connections may also help him greatly in his ambitions, as he is on his way to nobility himself.

Big Boned: Kregor also happens to be the local fat man. Although he wasn't always this big, he always had an uncanny ease for anything involving strength or endurance. His weight holds a lot of muscle behind the fat, and although many individuals have thought him unathletic basing themselves on his appearance or profession, they oftentimes soon found out that there was a reason he did not see a need to hire guards regularly.

Slow: Kregor might be quick-witted... however, he is anything but fast. His weight heavily slows him down, and he struggles to keep up for long effort. Therefore, it is very tempting to snatch an item and run away... but ultimately, you do not steal from a Sholb, since a permanent expulsion from Kregor's Cove of Wonders would mean no more supplies due to the utterly lacking competition.

Embodiment of Greed: As a man whose life solely consisted of finding ways to increase his profits and social standing, Kregor really doesn't care for much else other than making money and lifting his line's position. He also really likes food. Perhaps he secretly lusts for other things, but it would be buried under the massive importance of his greed.

Foolish Bravery: There is not much Kregor Sholb is afraid of, he can boast of that much. His belief is that investments are always necessary, and that the risks carried with them is an inevitability, and a natural part of the merchant life. His belief in risk-taking is so strong that he oftentimes goes on dangerous expeditions himself, instead of paying people to do it for him. Loot earned in battle only requires blood payment, and to a man as solid as he is, this is usually practically free. Besides, he is well aware that unless he fights alongside his customers, they will not accord him the same amount of respect they otherwise would.



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