POLL: Server wipe time?

Shall we perform an item wipe?

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So, this server, having been up for a year, with a persistent economy, has gone through a very large amount of economic changes. We've changed prices, we've experimented with new price changes, we've changed up a lot of how items work, we've added and removed items, that sort of thing.

I'm curious to know if people wish to have an item wipe.

There is definitely a big amount of inequality in the current economy - and I think that an item wipe would be good for our server.

Things that you need to know about this, if we were to do a wipe:

1. You will retain your donor perks - but what I need you to do, is to go through, and accurately total up the COMPLETE amount of money that you've put forward. I am willing to honor the full amount of what you paid for, even after taxes and fees.

2. You will retain your character.


Most of the items and unbalance belongs to VIPs, this will just screw over hard working players like me.


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Donators getting stats and custom guns never helped matters either, lol. It created this power vacuum.

Keep us running!

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