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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:33462327
Discord Name: SamuraiJack
Character Name: Yasuke Nobunaga

Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story):
"Son. To walk the path of the Samurai. To truly serve the Emperor and his people in mind, body, and spirit -- you must know what it is like to fight and survive outside of this Dojo. You must journey to the West and find your honor. Find your spirit. Find your reason to serve. And then, and only then... Can you come back to us, and serve the Emperor by my side. As my equal. As my kin. As the champion of this clan. Go with your tools, and come back with honor to this Clan. Or not at all. Do not dishonor your Clan, Yasuke. Do not dishonor me. Do not dishonor the Emperor. Most importantly -- do not dishonor yourself. This, I command. You might not look like us, you might not be my blood – but you are a Samurai. You are my son."

What do you want for your character:
I wrote up some names and some lore for this stuff that I can post if anyones interested. It’ll probably clutter the page so I’ll save it for now. I spoke with Oswald about it – beyond the cool flavor weapons it doesn’t give me any tangible benefits beyond – an armor set, some magical flair, and the Samurai aesthetic.
A named katana and a wakizashi. The katana has a shard of Rose Kaineite in the hilt and so the katana itself has the appearance of being on fire and is pretty hot to all but the user.
A named Samurai armor set. (Kabuto, Headband, Menpu, Do, Tekko, Kusazur, Suneate, etc).
Infernal Bloodline: Yasuke has a natural affinity to fire magic. This is going to translate into less “situational” magic and more like bending from Avatar, whatever that translates to on the server. He can also see in the dark or something 5e related.
A backpack with some food and basic belongings. He’s a nomad so he’s never in one place for too long.
Story Stuff? He’s a fully fledged Samurai from this worlds equivalent of Japan on an honor quest to prove he can remain worthy of the title despite not being human.

Why should you get what you want:
I’d like to think I’m a decent roleplayer, and I’ve been around the block with everyone here once or twice. In terms of providing for the story? A travelling Samurai is always a cool little thing, and with a glowing katana I’m channeling the “foolish Samurai warrior wielding a magic sword” vibe that is tried and true.

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