The Gods and their Champions

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Gods and beginning of Onoth

In the beginning there were only five entities that inhabited the universe. Arnous, Nephilia, Rodagott, Grettalia, and Vottus - shapeless beings which saw the blank void before them as a limitless canvas. Each one of these beings had the ultimate desire to create. But these ancient architects first needed something as a foundation for their works of ‘art’ as they saw.

Rodagott was the first. He envisioned a sturdy, solid mass that could either rise high, or fall low, that could crumble and shift. This was how the Earth was first formed, as nothing but rock and stone, mountains and canyons.

Grettalia was next. She envisioned something that was in complete contrast to the rocky landscape created by Rodagott. She wanted something shapeless, that could easily form to the environment around it. Similar to the void but….with more defined mass. And thus the oceans and lakes were created, water pouring across land and filling the once barren canyons with seas.

Arnous saw this, and took much inspiration from Grettalia as he began his creation. He also wanted something shapeless, but not as defined as water. Something more vague but ever present. Something you could not see, but you could feel and hear. Something that could also produce extraordinary power, and thus the sky was created. With the sky came the clouds, air, and wind. At times it was peaceful, in other times more destructive.

Nephilia and Vottus both had yet to put their own creations upon this new world. After much discussion between the two, they both conceived an idea for a final piece to this new form of art. A meeting was held between the five deities in which Nephilia and Vottus convinced the other three to all work as one for this final piece. They sought to put grass and trees upon the land. Herds of animals to graze such grass, birds to nest in the trees, and even fish to swim in Grettalia’s vast oceans - to create life. They all agreed, and together they worked to put the first forms of life into the world. Animals of all shapes and sizes, plants in various forms, were finally created. It took a great deal of their combined power, imbuing and gifting these creatures with their very own essence - which would come to be known as magic.

After all this was done, the five grew weary. This creation took most of their energy and so they all began to rest. Much time had passed when they slumbered, and when they awoke they discovered a strange anomaly. There were...creatures which none of the five had created. Curious little beings that seemed to have appeared from nowhere! This frightened the five at first, they did not know from where these beings came from or what they might do.

The five spread far and wide across the world, and many of these beings seemed to have manifested! They were animals, but not quite? They seemed far too intelligent, far beyond the intelligence they gifted the plants and animals they knew they had created. Some were short and stocky, others were tall and thin with smooth skin and pointed ears. Some were scaled, some were even living in the depths of the deepest seas.

Council was held, as this was a startling discovery to the five. Had one of them created these beings in secret? Was there a sixth god that they, for one reason or another, had never perceived before? After much discussion they came to the conclusion that these beings - mortals as they began to call them - must have been manifestations of their magic as they poured it into the world. Their creation was unintentional. Now they had to figure out what to do with these beings.

After much time, they eventually returned to the mortal realm to observe once more. To their amazement the mortals had advanced far faster than was expected. They went from simple cave dwellers who had just discovered the importance of fire to forming small communities with structures crafted out of wood and stone.

A second council was held, and this time Nephilia proposed a solution. She proposed that they should simply restart and recycle all their work, killing all these creatures in the process. They were not an intentional creation, they are a mistake and therefore should be erased. Yet Arnous disagreed. He argued that even though their creation was not something they all intended, they were there. And to rid them of their lives and rob them of a future was seen as immensely cruel by Arnous. Afterall, what if the same had happened to themselves? The very creation of the five was a mystery to even them, and if a power beyond themselves decided to make them vanish, would they not see that as cruelty?

After much discussion, it was agreed that the mortals would be allowed to persist much to Nephilia’s contempt. She still advocated for their destruction. However she kept herself silent for a time, yet soon began to plead to the other four about her thoughts. Again, she argued that these mortals should not persist. They were a mistake, and as she had come to prove, their continued existence was taking a toll on the gods. As mortals inherited the magics from the gods in their creation, it had permanently diminished the total power of the five. They were only a fraction as strong as they once were and as the mortals grew in population the gods grew weaker...

Arnous agreed that yes, indeed their power was greatly diminished due to the existence of these mortals, however they can not destroy them for selfish reasons. Arnous proved to be the most compassionate of all the gods, seeing all mortals as their children to be loved. Nephilia’s resentment for the mortals grew and grew, until she finally came up with a new idea. She would create her own creatures by her own design and place them upon the world. However first she would need more power to do so, and she sought that power from Vottus. In a violent struggle she consumed him and all his knowledge and power, now becoming the most powerful of the remaining four deities. It did not take long for Arnous, Grettalia and Rodagott to notice these events. They furiously confronted Nephilia, who then began to retaliate upon the other three. After an incredible battle that shook all of the mortal realm, Nephilia was defeated. Arnous, Grettalia and Rodagott constructed a new realm, a prison, specifically to hold Nephilia so she could cause no more chaos.

It was a dark realm of violence and torture, and Nephilia was alone here for a time. She was trapped, unable to escape. Yet she discovered that she could still create. So she got to work, creating her own creatures like she had planned to fill her new home. They were disgusting, violent beasts designed only to kill, to bring chaos and suffering to all who would encounter them. These beings, the demons, she was able to send to the mortal realm. She sought revenge, and would take it by having her own creations wreak havoc wherever they could upon the world.

Arnous returned to Nephilia’s prison, alone, after witnessing her transgressions. Again, a great battle broke out between these two which only ended when Arnous was cast out of Nephilia’s realm. In order to provide her own security, so that Arnous or the other two gods would not be able to enter her realm without invitation, she created an unholy seal surrounding her personal realm, her prison.

And there she remained, Nephilia sealed away in Hell, plotting and scheming her revenge against Arnous, Grettalia and Rodagott. Through the ages she would send her champions to the mortal realm in an effort to ruin everything the others had created. In return the three, though weakened, used their own power to create their own mortal champions. They would act upon their will within the world, created and destroyed in times of extraordinary crisis.

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Champions of the Gods

Champions are chosen by the gods, imbued with incredible power to serve their will. They can either be created in the domain of the gods and sent to the mortal realm, or a god may also imbue a mortal to act on their behalf. Sometimes warriors, sometimes great healers, champions fill a variety of roles and the people of Onoth have witnessed their feats firsthand. Upon their death Champions are guaranteed a place in the domain of the gods so long as they performed their duty.

Nephilia also has the ability to create her own champions, simply known as the Demon Lords.

Orstan The Righteous - The first Champion known in the mortal realm, a Dwarven Champion of Rodagott. Orstan was a mighty warrior who placed incredible value on loyalty, truth and justice. Back before the mortal races were united, Orstan organized a coalition of humans, high elves, and dwarves to amass their armies while fending off a horde of demonic invaders thousands of years ago. This coalition was the foundation of an incredibly advantageous relationship between the three races. Many soldiers, knights, and warriors worship Orstan as the example all noble soldiers should strive to emulate.

Voilparth the Unseen- Not much is really known about Voilparth. Known as more of a folktale, The ranger would act as a robin hood figure, often stealing from raiding warlords, and kings alike, all to give back to the poor. Those who witness him have identified that he is a human, and often moves as quick as lighting, Appearing and Disappearing in seconds. It is believed that he is a champion of Arnous, taking his gifts from the sky and serving as a constant deterrent from greed.

Jakho the Imp- Yet another one of Nephilia’s hellish demons, Jakho was… different. He did not necessarily act evil, per say. He may have even been one of the most intelligent beings on Onoth! It was heard that Nephilia created Jakho, after she was cut. The black blood of the dark goddess slowly gurgled before taking the shape of an Imp. Short yet stout, Jakho did not look like much… but, that was exactly what he wanted. A crafty demon, The Imp would often play tricks on travellers, turning them one against each other. You can never really tell the difference between reality and the perversions of it’s mind.

Mother Marilyn- She was once a nun, devoted to the goddess Grettalia. It was not uncommon for the sisters to take in the sick and wounded. They would care for them, as long as they could not for themselves, before sending them back out into Onoth. Grettalia took note of the most compassionate Nun. Marilyn was ascended to demigod-hood, gaining the ability to channel her magic to heal any wound or ailment. She also had the unique skill of… quite literally being able to draw out a person's curse, and swallow it for herself to bear. This quickly gained her the nickname of “Mother”, the sick fondly remembering the woman.

Vozeran the Defiler- Nephilia’s first monster, Vozeran spawned from hellfire. He took on a disgusting form, becoming a sick parody of a human. He roamed Onoth perverting the other gods creations. Soon he would realize… With Nephilia locked away for eternity, he did not answer to ANYBODY. This brought upon .. The dark times. Vozeron conquered Onoth, forcing mortals into worshipping him. Eventually, as fate would have it, a group of adventurers cast him away, imprisoning him into a massive Rose Kainenite crystal, condemning him into sharing Nephilia’s fate. Many of his black stone structures stand to this very day...

Akron the Alluring- Originally a carpenter, Akron was used to seeing the world as cut and dry. Chosen by Rodagott, Akron ascended from his humble beginnings, to a demigod with a bewitching personality. Akron was able to stop entire wars in their tracks, with a speech. He is also credited with advising the three kingdoms, and ultimately stopping them from waging all out war. Akron was instrumental in maintaining the various alliances throughout Onoth with nothing but his words.

Ualdir the Salted- One of Grettalia’s first champions, Ualdir ruled the seas with his mighty harpoon “The Great Wake”. He created the great beasts of the ocean so he may hunt them down for sport and rule the seas as his own sandbox of sorts. His boat, a great gallon made by Arkon would let him sail through any storm. Some sailors tell tales of hearing great laughter during massive storms far off in the ocean, thought to be Ualdir sailing the great waters hunting the beasts he made.

Feros the Wall- Once a young blacksmith, Feros was one of the best shield smiths in all of Onoth. He would work day and night hammering away at metal to make the best armor and shields for all he could. Soon, he would be enlisted into his kingdom's army. But Feros was no fighter, he would be seen charging the battle field with two big shields protecting anyone he could. Rodogatt would see his great heroism and choose him as one of his champions. Now Feros wonders protecting all he can, spreading Rodogatt’s will.
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Most citizens of Onoth worship mainly the Champions of the Gods, with the Gods themselves (Arnous, Rodagott and Grettalia) tend to take a back seat in the pantheon, yet still highly respected. There are various orders across the land that follow the examples these Gods and Champions have set before them...

Orstan's Order: As the first recorded Champion to exist, Orstan made a large impact across the world. He stood for honor, nobility, truth and cooperation. Those that are a part of Orstan's Order tend to be public servants, town guards, and soldiers. Churches erected in Orstan's name tend to be the most common. It is also common for guards and soldiers to swear an oath upon his name as a sign of commitment to their duty.

Children of Vottus: Also known simply as 'The Children', the Children of Vottus have dubbed themselves such as Vottus (along with Nephilia before she consumed him) is credited as creating the first forms of life which eventually gave birth to all mortals. Vottus, unfortunately, can not hear their prayers. Yet the Children continue to worship their favored deity in hopes that their devotion may lead to his resurrection. The Children value all life, including plants and animals and will only consume such as a matter of necessity. Many Wood Elves consider themselves a Child of Vottus.

Elaria's Ascended: The members of this religion are known as 'The Ascended.' They worship the long dead magic user Elaria, one of the greatest sorcerers history had ever known. Their work laid the foundation for how magic can be identified and classified. They were the first to document many spells and incantations within tomes and began their own modest collection to also create history's first library. Many High Elves and mages/wizards have a certain reverence for Elaria, with this order praising her as a deity. Yet no evidence suggests she had any divine prowess.

The Ualdirs: The Ualdirs worship the very champion they have named themselves after - Ualdir the Unsalted. Ualdirs follow in his footsteps and claim to be the best sea monster hunters to ever exist. In their eyes there is no greater challenge than taking on the mighty ocean monsters and contributing to the slaying of a sea serpent is a rite of passage for adulthood. They anticipate conflict and revel in any opportunity to kill a beast - land or sea.

Dragon Knights: Various orders of Dragon Knights exist across Onoth. They are not unified under one set of principles or rules as Dragon Knights swear their loyalty to a specific dragon. While not just being warriors they are also devout priests, worshipping their chosen Dragon like a God. They tend to adorn themselves with iconography reminiscent of dragons themselves, sometimes even wearing their scales or bones in their honor.

Order of Devotion: A welcomed and widespread order of priests and priestesses with the sole objective of providing healing services to all in need. This order follows the example set before them by Mother Marilyn by providing aid to all regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. Their services are entirely free of charge and they have extensive knowledge in curing diseases and mending wounds. They function off of donations from the local population and have incredible support from Lords and Ladies with their work being monumental in saving the lives of citizens and soldiers alike. It is said that some members of this order also posses Marilyn's fabled ability to remove a curse from another person by taking it upon themselves.
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