The races of Onoth

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The most versatile life form in the land. Humans have survived against all odds, in every corner of the world, because of their tenacity and ingenuity. Due to this, humans are the most common race to encounter with their various kingdoms spread far and wide. While not as gifted in the arts as magics as the elves mages, or as crafty as the great dwarven smiths, humans are still seen as a very intelligent race. They are clever and have proven to be some of the most skilled warriors to walk the earth. They are also incredible diplomats and natural leaders in both battle and peace. Their lifespan is about ninety years.


An unorthodox race, coming from the swamps. Dracons consist of Lizard-Like, reptilian humanoids that come in a variety of appearances. Some are very much akin to a lizard while others may appear more crocodilian. Their scales can be any shade of green, red, yellow or blue. Before the races were unified, Dracons usually were governed by a theo-cratic tribal system, consisting of the shamans leading the tribe. It was comparable to voo-doo like practices. Rather uncommon in many cities and towns, they tend to create small camps within the wilderness, usually clashing with Tierfolk and Wood elven clans in the process. They come in a variety of sizes from large to small. Their lifespan is about sixty years.


Orcs and goblins, a term to refer to both of these beings. Despite what the term implies, both creatures' skin color ranges from the various shades of green, yellow, and brown. Orcs are a rather common race, welcome in the villages and cities of Lindow. However many orcs prefer to retain their ancestral culture and live with their own tribes out in the wilderness. For those that live in cities they have adapted well to civilized life taking jobs as smiths, bakers, usually any position a human or elf would take. The tribal orcs that live in the wilderness are very diverse. Each tribe is led by a chieftain that has absolute authority and control. Some tribes are known to be rather peaceful while others are known to be quite hostile. It is all dependent on the chieftain. Orcs are rather tall and muscular, often towering over their human counterparts. The lifespan of an Orc is about sixty years.


Goblins are vaguely similar to orcs, yet those in the wilderness tend to turn to the life of a bandit or a slave within the various orc tribes. While less common in towns and villages, goblins can still be seen as bartenders, stable hands, or an assistant to a smith. They are deceptively intelligent and seem to have a natural good sense for humor. Due to their small size and cunning they are excellent in the arts of stealth. Goblin lifespan is about thirty years.


The umbrella term designated to the numerous animal-like men of the land. They appear much like a hybrid between a human and mammal, with their traits appearing in a wide variety of ways. Some may seem to look more human with only the ears or tail of an animal while others might seem like bipedal beasts. Their likeness is known to resemble deer, goats, cats, wolves, rats and more. They are uncommon to see within city walls and are relatively common in the wilderness surrounding Spuceton.

As one may assume, they are quite in touch with nature and frequently form close friendships with the wood elves who inhabit the same lands. They are quite territorial, especially with outsiders, and will defend their lands violently if necessary. They have no unified religion and tend to revere forest spirits. Tierfolk lifespan is around seventy years.


Abandoned and godless, Tieflings are the descendants of human and demon hybrids created by Nephilia herself in order to incrase the number of her forces. Now with the ancient wars ended, and these beings cast aside, they thrive within their own small communities in the wilds and are divided in loosely connected clans across the land, each led by a matriarch and patriarch. Their culture is based around benefitting the clan, to aid in the survival of the community, and is deeply rooted in mysticism and ritual. Most civilized beings of the land are quite wary of Tieflings due to their close association with demons, however some towns and cities are known to accept their kind within the walls with a variety of feelings from the populace. They are often targets of discrimination, and tend to be slightly taller than the average human. Their skin color ranges from any shade of blue, purple or red. Their eye color is either yellow, green or red. Tiefling lifespan is about fourty years.


There are three types of Elves within Onoth.

High Elves

characterized by their tall height, angular features and pointed ears. High elves are common to see as mages and sorcerers. Their society places high value on education and in general they are very well mannered and polite. High elves are common to see within cities and towns. Their average height is similar to a human’s. High Elves live to be around one-hundred and twenty years.

Dark Elves

Hailing from a land known as "The Twilight Lands" these elves stand out with their unique colored skin, which ranges anywhere from light blue or grey to dark purple. Their hair color is often snow white or pitch black. Dark elves are much more rare than high elves, yet can still be spotted within various cities and towns. They appear naturally gifted in the arts of stealth and are somewhat common amongst the ranks of bandits and thieves. Their average height is similar to a human’s as is their life expectancy, that being ninety years.

Wood Elves

Slightly shorter than your average human, wood elves usually stay within the forests in their own camps far away from civilization. They tend to be very well versed in the wilds, making excellent trackers, archers and herbalists. Wood Elves are nomads and frequently relocate their camps with their travels taking them to the many wilds across Onoth. They are very friendly to outsiders and often share recipes for potions and poisons. Their life expectancy is around one-hundred years.


Short, stocky and stubborn. Dwarves are master craftsmen with legendary skill in both architecture and engineering. Their success is due to the plentiful wealth they happened upon deep within their mountain mines and fortresses in the form of precious ores. The Dwarves traded these minerals to their human and elven neighbors, forming great alliances and earning themselves many riches. Siege engines, armors, and many other complex tools and machinery are all thanks to the minds of the Dwarves and many noble children from neighboring territories often send their children to be educated by their professors. The tallest of dwarves only manage to stand up to the average human’s lower chest in height. Their life expectancy is around eighty years.


The halflings are perhaps the most peaceful race that inhabits the known world. Their large villages and towns are renowned for their lavish parties and welcoming hospitality. Their rich culture of song, dance and food has been spread wide and accepted in most towns and cities across the world. Many instruments are products of the halfling’s hand, and the most beautiful of paintings are created by these smaller humanoids.

They are a common sight in all towns, villages and cities. Either as bartenders, merchants, entertainers, anything short of warriors and soldiers. While it may be rare there are few halfling warriors that have made their mark on the world.

Halflings tend to be slightly shorter than dwarves, and much thinner. They are quite nimble and acrobatic. Halflings live to be around fifty years old.
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Mountain Trolls


A rather barbaric and undeveloped race, mountain trolls tend to stick to their camps and tribes high within the mountain ranges scattered across Onoth. They are extremely territorial, defending their mountains with incredible ferocity. Mountain Trolls are more intelligent than many people give them credit for, creating sophisticated tent-like structures with a complicated religion of their own. They have rules to their society and a loose hierarchy that they follow, where the strongest leads their tribe. They are incredibly rare to see anywhere outside of the mountain ranges and are almost never allowed within the confines of towns and villages. They stand roughly ten to twelve feet tall with skin colors usually pale white to a deep blue or grey.

Forest Trolls


Forest Trolls are the far distant cousins of Mountain Trolls. They are smaller, thinner, and far more intelligent. Their appearance is quite startling to many others, however they will soon come to find that forest trolls are a very peaceful people and eager to offer their assistance to those lost in their woods. Their history is full of confrontations with Tierfolk and Wood Elves, yet in recent years they have come to form a loose alliance with the races and can be seen living peacefully alongside these races. Forest Trolls seem to have a nature affinity for being beastmasters, and it is said they can tame any creature given enough time. They stand just barely taller than the average human at around six and a half to seven feet. Their skin color ranges anywhere from blue to green, with their eyes always shining magenta, and two large tusks jutting out forwards from their upper jaw.​
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