The State of Earth


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Nuclear events have happened just about everywhere. This has escalated climate change to a near-breaking point.

Wars across both asiatic landmasses have left millions of refugees without homes. India is a smoking crater of glass and sand, large tracts of the middleast have been mostly obliterated. In the US, things are not much better.

Mass amounts of flooding has caused Hawaii to descend into nearly complete anarchy. Life on the island is extremely dangerous, with almost every portion of the state being completely controlled by gangs, save for Honolulu, which is only kept moderately safe due to CorpoCops, and satellite offices for the many MegaCorps of Earth.

At the same time, wildfires threaten almost every forested area towards the equator. Massive wildfires that destroy entire forests are common. A near-constant battle to preserve the Rainforests, with human, synthetic, and AI battling against mother nature itself, wages on a daily basis.

Arid regions of almost every continent are totally uninhabitable. Areas of North America that are largely desert, such as parts of Nevada, have become completely unable to sustain any sort of biological life, and due to this, have been replaced with massive datacenters, and server farms, that power Cascadia's constant need for connectivity, and technology, as well as electricity.

'The Patch' a massive grid of radiation scrubbers and disposable weatherships constantly autonomously patrol the atmosphere to keep up the bare standards of living for Earth's residents.

The ever-looming death of planet Earth is staved off only by MegaCorps which are constantly warring among each other, they must keep the human populace alive to drive profits, and people who are of sound mind, still working in tech that has yet to be totally automated. It's not without it's price, political turmoil ravages almost all continents, in the form of warfare, as many factions fight for control of better environments, for people to inhabit. Many factions are driven by corporate interest, many by idealism, but the fact is everywhere that life has little to no value in our current time.
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