The Year of The Blaze (2035)

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The Year of The Blaze

"The Year of The Blaze" refers to a catastrophic event that occurred in 2035, in Baja California.

This is prior to the formation of the PSC (Pacific States of Cascadia), in 2060.

It started with a nuclear event known as Quarter-One.

Quarter One was the detonation of a quarter of incorporated United States military bombs across Baja California and the rest of the mid-west during a year of intense anarchic revolution. This eventually lead to a nuclear event which spiralled the country and state into a moment of near entire dissolution.

During the subsequent bartering off the country to numerous Corporations, mother nature gave wicked payback to mainland US.

Climate change, having gone almost totally ignored, despite massive amounts of activism, and due to the ignorance of the USA's political system and current ongoing buyout by corporate entities - and inaction to declare climate change as a global emergency, caused wildfire season to completely spin out of control, in the southwestern corner of the USA.

Having already been susceptible to yearly wildfires - in 2035, as the overall temperature of the planet rose - eventually wildfire season never stopped. It continued burning, quickly spinning out of control.

Millions were affected, and either displaced, killed,and billions of dollars in property damage ensued.

The wildfires have never stopped. Even to this day - they still occur. Due to this, the creation of a massive, nation-wide Climate Control System was created by the conglomerate of market-superior megacorps which were to run the states, Fabrileche MT, KorovaCol, Ginbach Orbital banking, Hitachi, Überlegent R, Hosaka, Skořepinová Ocel (SKoL), 提高能力 - Tígāo nénglì (Tig'Gli) to name a few. This system is so vast and different due to differing manners of manufacture across the United States that it is known as 'The Patch'. The Patch was made up of a series of massive state of the art weather machines and radiation scrubbers that periodically cause massive rainfall all across the US. The radiation scrubbers can to this day, be seen moving across the sky, and on the surface of the oceans from any coast.

Eventually, these massive MegaCorporations were given the go-ahead to take control of critical infrastructure, for the purpose of attempting to control the effects of a rapid ecological disaster.

Eventually - this is what leads for Formation Day - the day that The Triumvirate is created, and takes control of the west coast, forming the PSC.​
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