Thorna Greenblood


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Thorna Greenblood

"Thorna was covered in pitch black with not a single inch of her humanity exposed. [...] Her voice was soft spoken, - yet it's full potential masqueraded by the reflecting lenses of her dead crow, a slight glimpse of venomous green cowering behind them. [...] The alchemist was slender and tall, carrying a presence of elegance, yet with innocence."


Status Sheet

Height: 6'1FT
(Thorna was born rather tall for a female human, even for Archoen standards. Many claim it's due to her mixed Archoen blood, - while the other claim she's not fully Archoen and has foreign ancestors. But truth be told, Thorna does not care what the reason may be, - being tall has quite the advantages!)

Weight: ~70kg
(Thorna weights averagely for someone of her height, of being a woman and her age.)

Race: Archoen Human
(Archoa used to be a rather chivalrous continent, inhabitted by both humans and greenskins which lived peacefully together. The country was not exactly known as a tourist nor adventurous attraction, but it was known for it's honor and loyalty, especially the loyalty and love between orc and human. Unfortunately, Archoa is only a shadow of what it used to be, - an ugly, wretched scar across the world crafted by the gods, - wiped out by a plague. The orc population of Archoa was wiped out entirely, whilst only a handful of humans remain, mostly thanks to their stronger immune system.)

Build: Athletic
(Living on your own, especially as a refugee, is tough and requires strength, which is why Thorna is in good shape. Although she does not use her muscles for brute force and fighting, the alchemist still uses them for escaping uncomfortable situations.

Eye Color: Bottle Green
(It could very well be another tone of green, as it is hard to tell through Thorna's foggy lenses.)

Hair Color: Raven
(Once in a while, a hair strain may find it's way past the plague doctor's mask and hood, and when it does it's revealed in it's entire beauty. - Raven black, as dark as one could imagine if they were to shut their eyes.)

Physical Status: Healthy

Mental Status: Sane/Healthy


Character Traits & Skills
Royal Alchemist - Thorna was born lucky with potential and a bright future already placed along her path. Born to an alchemist mother, the daughter followed into her maternal footsteps and going even beyond, - securing herself a spot right next to royalty. Thorna is skilled in almost every form of herb and potion - brewing, - and is known to speak with a silver tongue towards royalty and nobility alike.

The Plague Doctor - Being a plague doctor is not easy, at this point Thorna has outlived a dozen of diseases and a handful of plagues that could wipe out civilizations. Thorna has grown quite the strong immune system and is well versed in fighting diseases.

Humans of Onoth - As a human, Thorna is good everything and not neccessarily bad in anything either, - however humans are not exactly known to exceed "good". In this case, Thorna is rather intelligent but wouldn't even dare consider herself as wise as an immortal high elf could, she was quick and agile, - but nowhere as quick or agile as a wood elf. She had the courage of a hunting animal, but nowhere the courage of an orc.

Archoen Honor - Honor means a great deal towards the people of Archoa, nobility and knightship aren't something to take lightly. Traditions are not to be broken, and to soil on someone's honor is worse than to murder someone.

Archoen Blood - The humans of Archoa are known to live hand - in - hand with their Archoen Orc brethren and sisters, to the point that it's no surprise, that a human may or may not have an Orc ancestor. Those that have mixed blood are known to be couragous, but are also known to have a difficult life and path to master. These vision require preperation, which resulted in Thorna picking up swordsmanship at an early age of twelve.

Last woman standing - Unfortunately, Thorna is one of the very few people of Archoa that still live, - their civilization lost and left in ruins to be haunted by the dead. The very little people that survived have gone their own paths, leaving Thorna to be alone. This isolation and lack of companionship resulted in Thorna despising being alone, often becoming overly attached and clingy towards people who did her good.


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