Ulysses Vulcan


Illegally retarded
Ulysses Vulcan

"Ulysses always stood like a bulwark between his friends and the foe, shield in one hand and his gladius in the other. [...] Covered from forehead to toes in ashen plate armor, it's design almost ancient compared to todays' armor. [...] He spoke with a raspy voice, the sign of a life consisting of barking orders [...], - Ulysses' had old eyes, the type of eyes to have no regret in life."



Status Sheet

Height: 6'2FT

Weight: ~90kg

Race: Draconian

Build: Muscular, Endomorph

Eye Color: Brass

Hair Color: N/A

Physical Status: Peak condition

Mental Status: Healthy/Sane



Hated - Disliked - Indifferent. - Liked - Friend - Family


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