Valeforr the Black, Stoic Knight


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Valeforr 'the Black' of Ulaimon, claimant to the Barony of Marinogne, son of Petric of the House of Mariognig-Dtulic, last of his family.
Many men of Ulaimon, and even the fellow members of his family, knew little of Valeforr. Most feared him, for the power he wielded from the blood in his veins carried a heavy weight, and his demeanor left his peers guessing at what he would, or even could, do. Only his brothers and fathers knew him well enough to know that he was utterly loyal to the House and its advancement.

After his ancestral home and family were slain in a brutal succession war, Valeforr escaped with his life, but not with his ego intact. Trauma has taken its toll on his psyche.

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