Weapon/Equipment Modification Rules

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Due to the nature of CyberPunk from an RP, and stats in order to quantify 'power' and 'ability', there are some much needed rules as to how modification in relation to stats work.

When you modify a weapon, you take into consideration what the modification is, for example - a scope would raise your accuracy. Obviously this isn't how it works IRL - but for RP purposes, this is how it works.

Any modification made is +15 points to that stat. Any further upgrades, are another +15. Therefore, all buffs should only be in multiples of 15.

Every modification made needs at least a -5 debuff to a stat. Think about the modification you're making, and how that modification decreases the functionality of the weapon, in some other way - or decreases the functionality of the user, in some way.

If a staffer comes across a weapon that has buffs on said weapon, which is not a multiple of 15, that buff will be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 15.
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