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IC Section

First Name: Alan

Last Name:

Date of Birth (Age):
March 4th, 2047. 38 years of age.


Religion so we can calculate and compensate for prayer days and holidays: N/A

Education highschool/university: No real highschool education outside of a GED, graduated the master's program at MIT for mechanical and electrical engineering. Later took more courses to fill in other areas of knowledge, and still continue to take courses as time and resources permit. Mostly just self study at this point.

What made you want to join us at CSEC?: Job security and pension. Initially I needed the funds to support my family, but nowadays I do it to at least help mitigate the potential harm of some of the less innocuous criminals roaming around the streets.

Are you willing to get your body parts replaced for your duty augments, this includes Eyes, arms, legs, any internal organs lost during service including but not limited to. Heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver, pancreas?: (Y)

Do you understand that upon your termination with us or possible death, your next of kin will receive your pay up to the next period and possible pension if applicable?: (Y)

Do you understand that you are not above the law, you enforce the law and well being of the corporations that pay your wages and way of life?: (Y)

OOC Section

Discord: Anyonymoose#3896

Previous experience in police/civil protection roleplay (Dont take this as we are actual metro cops cause we aren't): Extensive. I've been roaming around doing HL2rp for the better part of nine or ten years at this point, most of which, over the past five, I usually end up running the engineering and/or technical groups within the places I go, always with relaxed regulations so that people don't just play robocops. Aside from that I've run MP characters in HaloRP, and general peacekeepers in everything else.

UTC-7, Arizona/Mountain

Do you understand that your Character faces the same restrictions as any other Character and is just as suspectible to permanent death?: (Y)

Do you understand that if accepted, you will have to undergo training and study your handbook?: (Y)

This character is meant to ICly be a transfer from another CSEC garrison in a different part of Cascadia. The fine details are totally open but the general idea is that he's been with CSEC for quite a while now, and has been sent to reinforce local squads. With his background he usually fits best as a combat engineer or sapper, and by extension EOD, or a specialized C/T or escalation team.
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