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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54765555

Discord Name: Goatmachine5000#4841

Character Name: Zuluc

Brief Backstory (Keep this very brief, don't tell us your life story): Zuluc was born to a small tribe of dracons, his father being the shaman of this tribe. Thus he was raised by his father to take his place and be the spiritual leader of the tribe as well as the sole practitioner of magic within the tribe. Over the years Zuluc absorbed the teachings of his father along with the teachings of the warriors of the tribe, this was due to the fact the tribe was so small that it required all males of the tribe to be capable of fighting and hunting. After his father had passed Zuluc assumed his position as shaman and began to lead the tribe through their spiritually and religion, his tendencies for fighting seeming to retract slightly as he did this, becoming more docile. During his time as the spiritual leader Zuluc made a mistake in reading a prophecy which lead to the destruction of his tribe. Distraught by this Zuluc went on a journey to attempt to open his mind further to the world, believing it was his own small mindedness and lack of experience that caused this mistake. So as to attempt to open his mind further so as to prevent him making mistakes that cost the lives of his cared ones yet again, Zuluc has left his tribal ways and come to the civilized world so as to travel and experience as much as he can.

What do you want for your character: I would like for my character to have abilities in elemental magic as well as to start with a primitive stone spear which he would use primarily in place of a staff for the casting of his magics.

Why should you get what you want:
Well I would like these things as I have never properly rped playing a magic caster before, usually only having my characters have a minor aptitude for magic to do little tricks and the such. I also believe there are surely some people in this community who can vouch for my ability at rp and general fairness in roleplay situations, with me being very willing for my character to be the loser or to perish if such a situation calls for it.

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